Join the Pope’s prayer and the manifesto for Child Soldiers

More than 250,000 children around the world are forced to participate in armed conflicts. The Pope Francis has decided to pray and to mobilize in order to help these children through the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.

We want to:

1Protect children from armed conflicts and from accessing weapons.

2Ensure the same treatment for boys and girls: no one should be discriminated because of their origin, their religion, their sex or their financial position.

3Guarantee access to free education for all boys and girls in armed conflict zones.

4 Guarantee children’s right to access a health system.

5Protect the most vulnerable from physical, psychological and sexual violence.

6 No child is exploited in armed conflicts.

It is time to pray and to help the children that are forced to kill. Education is the only weapon that children should be allowed to use. We are joining the Pope so that the governments do everything they can to ensure that children’s dignity is respected and to end this form of slavery

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